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Top Marks Tuition is a family business that has been established for a number of years serving the local educational community. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading tuition services throughout the UK, specialising in those with challenging needs although we do cater for all students irrespective of ability. We aim to provide an outstanding quality of education within the private tuition sector, and have seen many students go on to achieve academic success under the direction of Top Marks Tuition.


Individual Needs


Our tuition courses can be tailored to suit the student’s individual needs. From school entry to common entrance exams through to university and beyond, the tailoring provided enables your child to achieve their academic potential due to the individual nature of the tuition. Everyone regardless of age, ability or background can benefit from tuition, and past age range of students runs from 4 to 72. Initial tailoring takes place at a face to face consultation, and this will provide a profile to allow a successful match for your individual needs to the right tutor. We then continue to monitor quality supporting you and your tutor throughout the tuition.


Specific Learning Difficulties


But where Top Marks Tuition excels is in its work with Specific Learning Difficulties such as the Dyslexic Spectrum Disorders. Our methods work by enhancing self esteem, allowing these students to achieve their full potential by giving them constant encouragement & praise. They become much more focused and enthusiastic, and therefore motivated in all school subjects, which also extends to other areas in life - see our testimonials. We can also complete an official assessment of your child for specific learning difficulties, advising on the best approach for schools, colleges and universities.


Top Marks Tuition can supply and provide advice on revision manuals. We use the excellent CGP exercise and textbooks range as recommended by both private and state funded schools.


Private School Selection & Investment in Your Child’s Future


It should be remembered that education is an investment and tuition with Top Marks will prove an excellent asset that will enhance your child’s education for the rest or their life. This is paramount in the area of private education. At Top Marks Tuition, we hold a vast array of entrance exams from local and national institutions and can help your child gain entrance into the top schools, an investment that will prove invaluable in the future.


UCAS Personal Statement & Entrance Exams


At Top Marks Tuition we can assess and assist in the writing of the most appropriate UCAS statement for prospective university candidates. This crucially important process allows a short introduction of the student so should flow in such a way that the universities in question will be very pleased to receive the application. The entrance exam is a daunting but key step in acceptance to any university, few applicants are asked to interview so it is vital that preparation takes place. At Top Marks Tuition we have specialist interviewers who sit on several interview boards including the very testing London Medical Schools interview boards. Therefore we can assist in appropriate dress, behaviour and preparation for complex questions that may be asked.

  Mission Statement    

Our mission at Top Marks Tuition is to promote educational excellence. We aim to provide exceptional supplementary education by transforming the learning experience, enhancing intellectual development thus leading to the highest academic potential possible along with advanced life skills.

We also aim to provide quality support to our diverse students allowing them the same educational opportunities & maximizing their potential talents. But our key intention is to play a leading role in the crucial development of all young minds into educational thinking.


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